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About Us

Who We Are A little about us

Jay Fernandez was a missionary who has served in the Muslim world for about 10 years and has been active in missions for over 30 years.  Being aware of Christian missions, he learned that North Africa was one of the least reached areas of the world.  Shortly thereafter, a vision was born – Daddy’s Heart.

Until recently, although the vision was in place and people and organizations have come along to partner with us, it has never seemed to be God’s timing to launch, something was not right with the funding.

Then an idea was born to fund operations through commercial activities.  An LLC was formed to do eCommerce with 10% of the profits going to fund Iris Global.  This site was developed with 100% of the profits going to Daddy’s Heart, the original vision God had given Jay.

Currently, we have several church bodies in several countries praying for us and wanting to have their people join us.  We hope to set up a school of ministry to train and send out folks to North Africa.

Our Commitment

Mission Statement

We believe God called us to love others regardless of who they are or how they respond to us.  Therefore, we have no agenda other than to love and meet their needs the best we can.

If the opportunity exists, we hope to introduce them to Love.  Love is a person and his name is Jesus.  A relationship with Him changes everything, not religion, church or even doing good things.  It has to be about Him otherwise we join the countless organizations that the world has come to distrust.

The Details It's what we do best



Yup. We only have 4. There are needs everywhere but we are called to only 4.



We have partners in Sweden, Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, South Sudan, Iceland, the US and Canada

5 M


Ok, so maybe not $5M, but it takes a lot to purchase property, provide travel and train folks to reach millions of people.



To reach our goal, we need to see about this many sales daily.  As we add more products, we can get there and beyond.