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Daddy's Heart Supporting Ministry through Commerce

Welcome This is our story

I served as a missionary for nearly 10 years in Africa and I absolutely hated raising money.  I wanted to build a network of supporters who shared the same vision but honestly, I hated asking for money, so I was often left just getting by.

So, after much prayer and counsel, a vision arose to create Daddy’s Heart to do missions a bit differently.  One key part is to raise funds through this website.  We are not a 503(c)(3), but a for-profit LLC that can use funds where we see fit.

Our Vision - Loving as Christ loved

School of Minisitry

We want to provide training to those who want to share Christ without making anyone feel like they are a project.

Never Alone

We can’t do it alone, it takes folks from other organizations, along with ours to spread love. Just as we are one body in Christ, we are one body loving others.

Loving Others

Love has to be demonstrated, not just talked about and that is what we strive to do. We serve without any expectations from those we serve.